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LIGHTEN UP...One STAR at a time.

At the STARS of Wellness, we believe each of us--as One STAR shining--can do our part to help the world LIGHTEN UP. Simply by choosing the path of light whenever stressed, we make a peaceful difference in the collective world experience. Therefore, for each Blue STAR Bright app downloaded, we’ll calculate the total number of people who took our “no fight--no flight” challenge. And since blue stars actually shine in the sky 10,000 times brighter than the sun, once we collect 10,000 downloads, we’ll launch a virtual blue star. We’ll announce the launch through our mailing list and celebrate that TOGETHER we created a world that shines 10,000 times brighter

Thank you for joining our One STAR Movement and for helping us make a big bright light in the world. In support of your commitment, we offer the “I SHINE Brightest” pledge below:

Dr. Laurie Mastrogianis

Psychologist, Founder, & Director

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The “I Shine” Pledge

(a.k.a. The No Fight/No Flight Challenge)

Having experienced the Blue STAR Bright option for coping with stress, I realize that the path of inner-peace is best followed when I replace unnecessary fight-or-flight responses with S.T.A.R. light instead.

When I’m stressed I’ll create optimal energy by making the commitment to master my chemistry as well as my consciousness.

Therefore, I pledge the following 8 commitments, and in so doing, I join the One STAR movement of peaceful people shining their brightest lights--all around the world. *Corresponding Blue STAR Bright Dimension and Best Practice of STAR Wellness

  • I Shine Brightest whenI monitor my stress daily because I recognize that the greatest drain on my energy is allowing stress hormones to flood my body and alter my physiology. *(BSB 1A)
  • I shine Brightest whenI soothe my sympathetic nervous system with compassionate self-care and help replenish my brain chemistry naturally. *(BSB 1B)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI take control of my thoughts and avoid the pitfalls of negativity by disciplining my mind to think affirmatively. *(BSB 2A)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI consciously take the time to process my emotions constructively, privately, and peacefully. *(BSB 2B)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI use the power of my awareness to rise above the fears and insecurities that might render me powerless. Instead I’ll give my self encouragement and compassion instead. *(BSB 3A)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI use the power of my free-will choices to connect with sources of support in my environment that are benevolent and inspirational.*(BSB 3B)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI’m congruent with the core values of well being; Energy, Peace, Love, and Joy. Then I can radiate this state of being into the world. *(BSB 4A)
  • I Shine Brightest whenI embrace my power to overcome challenges in the outer world by serenely shining from within--as One STAR shining bright. *(BSB 4B)

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