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My mission is to shine a light on personal transformation —to help you navigate life’s greatest challenges— by using the best practices of mind/body wellness for whole person mental health care.

Dr. Laurie Mastrogianis

Psychologist, Founder, & Director

Whole Person Mental Health and Psychotherapy

For over 30 years I've specialized in the Whole Person Model of Care because I believe, both personally and professionally, that lasting change requires strength from all four dimensions of our whole being-- biological, psychological, social/relational, and spiritual.
The STARS of Wellness is based on the Whole Person Model of Health and Healing created by Dr. Laurie. S.T.A.R.S. of Wellness™ is dedicated to providing a wide variety of evidence based programs designed to integrate the best practices of optimal mental health and whole person wellness.

Laurie Mastrogianis

Clinical Psychologist
Available for online mental wellness consultations
Quarterly online STARS classes
Affiliated with the AMEN Clinic Methods for ADD/AHDH

Hours of operation:

Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 7pm
Closed Fridays & Weekends.


Please call (586) 262-4153 to set up an appointment

Web Based Therapy

STARS of Wellness is Available Online For Some Insurances.

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