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  • Life brings changes which can often be challenging. I created the STAR of Wellness because I've learned—after a series of life-challenging changes—that tapping into the power that lies within can ultimately help us shine even stronger, wiser, better and brighter.

    Laurie Mastrogianis, PhD, LP, LPC

    About Dr. Laurie: She founded the STARS of Wellness™ in 2010 and is also the clinical director and supervisor of client care. She has over 30 years of experience in providing effective mental health treatment and whole person wellness programs in a variety of clinical settings. She also has over 25 years of experience in teaching stress management, mind/body wellness, and whole person models of care to physicians, counselors, medical residents, community agencies, civic groups, and corporations. She created the trademarked STARS of Wellness program as an easy and effective vehicle for coping with life-challenging changes in a manner that maximizes your mental wellness.

    Dr. Laurie currently accepts the following insurances: BCBSM, HAP, PRIORITY HEALTH, & AETNA

  • Amen Clinics Method

    STARS of Wellness has affiliated with Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s highly respected program for treating ADD in 2015. We chose the Amen Clinics Method due to the combination of over 25 years of experience and their evidence-based practices for helping people challenged by ADD to live successful and happy lives. 

    This resource, integrated into the STARS of Wellness treatment approach, helps us equip and empower the children, teens, parents, and adults we serve to make treatment options that are individually tailored to foster optimal brain-based wellness.

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